Hello – I’m Kim

I’ve been helping clients throughout Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds feel better about their appearance for over 10 years – and I can help you, too.

The treatments I offer aren’t about vanity, or being high maintenance – they’re about confidence and self-esteem. Seeing the transformation in my clients brings me so much joy.

My aim is to spread that happiness further – it’s like sharing a fantastic secret!

Why choose me?

I was trained by Nouveau Contour – UK pioneers in permanent makeup – alongside some of the world’s best and most well-known permanent makeup artists.

Over the years, I’ve earned a reputation for my gentle manner, technical perfectionism, and ability to listen carefully to what my clients want. It’s earned me a large family of loyal clients who do most of my advertising for me!

Many of my clients have been coming to me since 2008, while I was still a student with Nouveau Contour. They put their trust in me and the treatments I offered all those years ago, and they still do so to this day.

I love them for following me across the Cotswolds while I freelanced at beauty salons and clinics, growing my client base until I eventually opened my own studio here at Westend Courtyard in 2014.

Find out more

My treatments boost their confidence and make them feel great – and I’d love you to join them. Get in touch to find out more about my aesthetics and permanent makeup treatments, or to book a free consultation.

Call for appointments: 07906 159733